Alternate Dimensions – Accessing through Meditation

meditate to access alternate dimensions

Cross the Threshold into Alternate Dimensions. In the calm, absolute shadows of silence and emptiness lies your true nature. Once you reach this pinnacle of being, the realm of infinite possibilities are within your grasp. This place of being is the medium you can utilize to express your true desires …

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5 Things You Should Do Everyday

5 things you should do everyday

Do you ever contemplate whether or not you are making the best usage of your time? I certainly do and for awhile now I have been debating that question with what I can do in an everyday routine to increase the maximum efficiency of my time. After many experiences (and …

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15 Meditation Tips

meditation tips

Meditation Tips for Beginners   1. Enroll in a meditation course. The simplest way to learn meditation is with a structured meditation course from an expert. I highly recommend the following program. The program includes 14 instructional videos, a 220 page e-manual, and other bonuses.  It comes with a 60 …

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Self Development Plan – One Week at a Time

Self Development Plan DO

Do you have a self development plan? Do you find yourself Stumbling through self development website after website? I found myself in the habit of reading and researching more than actually doing. This self-defeating trap befalls most self development explorers. Once you find yourself in this cycle, you must break …

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Success – Reprogram your Subconscious Mind

money money money

Do you feel as though your reality is constantly working against you and success evades you? Every turn ends up being a bump in the road for some people. Life never surprises them with positive but instead devastates them with negative results. These people tend to blame everyone and everything …

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