Biokinesis – Manifesting Physical Change

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Biokinesis is the process of altering  your body by way of the mind. Many are unhappy about at least a few aspects of their body and biokinesis can help. Even the most confident and Create the perfect body with biokinesis and mind individual has something they would like to improve on their body. This is not saying that they are not content and happy but instead that if given the choice, they would make the change. This change can be something as simple as clearer skin to increasing height.

Increasing height? Yes. Nothing is impossible with biokinesis and the power of the subconscious mind. Modern science may refute that growing taller after a certain age is possible but modern science still cannot rule out the power of the mind. If they could, we would not have the placebo effect. We would also not have miraculous healings or unexplainable physical anomaly.

This is simply healing or biokinesis that is performed without conscious knowledge.

How is Biokinesis possible?

You may be wondering if biokinesis is possible for you. It is! Your body is comprised of roughly between five trillion to fifty trillion unique cells. Each of these cells performs a specific function in order to ensure your body is functioning at its peak. The nucleus of the cell instructs the cell on its specific duty. This ensures that cells in your eyes provide seeing support and the cells in your lungs provide respiratory support.

However, how do they cells know what to do? This is where DNA comes into play. DNA is a messenger molecule that houses specific instructions on the role and coding for all cells. DNA is the blueprint for the creation of all cells in your body. Your cells replicate daily and your entire body is replaced with new healthy cells including bone cells within a few years.  What if I told you DNA is pliable? What if you could alter your blueprints for your new cells to follow? In this post, I explain a fraction of the power of thoughts. Thoughts when focused and directed can influence everything in your life including biokinesis.

Influencing your cells is no different and at times can be much easier due to less resistance from the collective consciousness. This is one of the reasons why you should keep your physical body change manifestations private. By sharing your goal, you bring about doubt from others and this can affect the outcome of biokinesis in a negative way. Biokinesis is susceptible to the collective reality and the thoughtwaves of others.

Who can change their physical body?

Anyone can affect their body by use of biokinesis. There are many techniques and I will discuss a few later in this post. The main consideration when attempting any type of manifestation is belief. Belief is necessary if you wish to will your reality into existence. Emotions also play a critical role in building deep-seeded subconscious beliefs that can be directed to the universal consciousness by your subconscious mind.

Biokinesis Techniques

Cell talk

Cell talk is exactly what it sounds like. You simple talk to your cells throughout the day. This one is very similar to affirmations but instead of projecting your desires into the ether, you are conversing with your cells through your thoughts. You must specifically instruct your cells to change in the manner you wish. You must be consistent and tenacious in the conversations with your cells. Examples of cell talk:

Look into a mirror and state, “Cells… I want to grow to six feet tall.” When addressing them, believe you are indeed passing this desire to them because you are. Ask them in a detached but confident manner. Believe as you ask, they are indeed busy at work producing this change. You must understand though that they can only work as fast as the cells can be replaced by new cells. This differs depending upon the type of cell (skin cells vs. bone cells). You must also be consistent. I would advise starting at a minimum of after awakening in the morning and before bed. This is when you are closest to the alpha state and your thought power is more focused during this time.

You can also add in visualization to the cell talk to reinforce your desires. For example, when looking in the mirror and stating, “Cells…make my eyes sky blue,” picture your eyes as a beautiful sky blue in the mirror. By transferring a physical image into the DNA, you are sending a true replica of your desired physical change. This will expedite your wish as it reduces conflicting messages your subconscious mind could be sending to your cells.


Self Hypnosis is a great tool to reprogram your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is the creator of your reality. It controls every automatic process in your body from breathing to hormone release. It also builds your reality in tandem with the collective and universal consciousness. By relaxing into a deep alpha state, you can record autosuggestions to change the way your subconscious mind functions. I over a couple good scripts in my guide as well as techniques to build your own powerful scripts based on a basic self-hypnosis structure. I will also post some free self-hypnosis scripts soon.


Affirmations work their magic through repetition. By continually repeating your affirmation, you start a wave of belief and charge the ether to deliver your desires. Your subconscious mind starts preparing your reality to receive your desires. As long as resistance is low, affirmations have been proven to provide positive results. In order to manifest physical change, you must overcome many limiting beliefs that have been instilled deep in your mind from youth. You must overcome the belief that you are powerless to change your body. This usually requires repeating your affirmation an ungodly amount of times per day as well as combining other methods I have listed here. Once you overcome this limiting belief, manifesting physical change will be much easier.


Visualization should be combined with the other techniques. By using your imagination and providing a clear picture in your mind of your desired physical change, you are providing your cells and subconscious mind with a blueprint for your new reality. Without visualization, your cells and subconscious mind are steering the ship with a blindfold on. They know you want change but you have not given them clear directions. Visualizations are the directions for change that should be incorporated with your cell talk and affirmations. A good self-hypnosis session will walk you through visualization exercises to sway your subconscious mind to your new desired reality.

Resistance Releasing

Resistance is the killer of all manifestations. It is the voice saying, “This can never work!” This voice may be so quiet you may not even hear it. The easiest way to spot resistance is to repeat an affirmation. If you sense the slightest hesitation during the affirmation, you harbor resistance to your desired goal. This goal will never manifest or if it does, it will be a slow process. The simplest technique to overcome resistance (but longest) is to repeat the affirmations until they are no longer present. Self-hypnosis and the other techniques can help to overcome resistance as well. For more techniques, check out the guide.

Changing the World Within (link)

Change your current reality by dialing into an alternate dimension through focused meditation. Once here, you can reprogram the world within to mirror how you want the external world to appear. 

Success Story

I have my own success story with changing my physical body through biokinesis. My first success story came well before I was aware of the power of the mind. As a young boy, I had bleached blonde hair. I hated it. I use to wish everyday that my hair was brown. I would be teased at school for having blonde hair. Throughout my childhood, I would always harbor a wish for brown hair. I changed schools and blonde hair was no longer an issue at my new school. Well at the age of 16, well after I forgot about the intense desire for brown hair, my hair changed. I do not even remember exactly when it happened. However, today I have brown hair.

I have also used this technique to alter my eye color. I have had this confirmed by many people as well. My eyes have been bluish-green up until my 28th birthday. Out of the blue, I decided to try to test biokinesis and add some color. I found some photos online and created a video vision board with affirmations to add to my eye color. I would stare intently in the mirror and imagine specks of yellow or red. I focused on adding this additionally splash of color in the blue-green iris. Within a month, the change happened. I showed my wife and she thought it was weird but explainable through ordinary means. She attributed it to the fact that people’s eyes change all the time. However, she was unaware that this change came directly from the desired intent to test biokinesis.

If you have any success stories or questions, please post below. This is a topic that I plan to expand upon if I receive enough requests.

15 Thoughts on “Biokinesis – Manifesting Physical Change

  1. meganinh on December 4, 2013 at 9:42 am said:

    So, how to make your own hypnosis.

  2. Unknown on December 9, 2013 at 8:17 am said:

    I have used Biokinesis to make myself never die and never age. I have been 14 years old since 1943, don’t say that no one has ever achieved not aging and dying because I have. I have also learnt how to time travel.

    • is it possible you could mentor me in biokinesis? I mean maybe its not same thing. but I want to learn, I want to look younger than am when age, and well I want choice of living long time or not.

    • ash4505 on December 18, 2013 at 1:30 am said:

      is there any available mentors? my health wasn’t great this yr in school. I want to learn biokinesis and be good at it. I know it takes work. im willing to do almost anything. I can almost change hair color but where do I go from there?

    • Seriously?

    • If that’s true, that’s fantastic! ^=^ I think it’s a totally natural thing to be perpetually whatever biological age range feels the most comfortable. I’m also perpetually between 13 and 16! <333 I've only been 15 since 2000, but I think that's a really good start at least. I don't know how to time travel, yet, but it would be so cool <3 I would love to experience all of the '70s, '80s and some of the '90s <333 Also, I'd love to be able to create portals so that I can just walk through and be at the destination I want! ^=^ What exactly do you do with biokinesis to maintain what you have?

  3. Maia Rachelle on February 1, 2014 at 10:32 pm said:

    Is there any possible way that I could make major changes? Something bigger than changing my eye or hair color, I mean. Something like losing a bunch of weight, making my skin better(I have a lot of epidermal issues), growing my hair super long and changing its texture, changing my face, changing my body….
    I just want to know if I can do all of that at once. If so, how long would it take?

  4. sarojini tripathy on February 11, 2014 at 3:24 am said:

    i am 22yrs old. plz suggest me what process should be followed to grow taller within 1 month. plz rply me i badly need to b tall as i m only 4’10″.

  5. @”I have used Biokinesis to make myself never die and never age. I have been 14 years old since 1943, don’t say that no one has ever achieved not aging and dying because I have. I have also learnt how to time travel.” ………you are fucking crazy man

  6. I used biokinesis to grow to 6’0″ from 5’7″ after I wasn’t technically supposed to be growing. I was wondering if it would be possible to grow wings, though. =/

  7. How can I cure or change my current bloods. I’m vegetarian for 22 years and iron deficient. I used 2 hav thik hair. Thin hair is nt genetic n our fam. So I hav v v thin hair now. What can I do. Pse help as I wna look gud 4 my new guy but make many excuses nt 2 c him coz of my hairloss. I’m reli depressed. I’m amazed @ ur changes. Manyt tnx. Hare krsna n god bless

  8. Joey Gonzalez on March 5, 2014 at 7:16 am said:

    I have always wanted blue eyes and I wanted to change into a lighter skin tone, if anyone can please help me master biokenises it would be awesome, please, I am desperate to master it

  9. Ok so growing taller is possible…but what about getting shorter? I have always wanted to be at least two inches shorter…

  10. Zoe Faye on March 28, 2014 at 4:24 pm said:

    I was wondering if someone who was uncomfortable with their gender could, while not necessarily changing their actual gender, use biokinesis to make themselves externally resemble a form they are more comfortable with. For instance, could a female potentially use biokinesis to change themselves to appear more mesmomorphic, or perhaps change female facial traits to masculine ones (a squarer jaw, a sharper hairline, duller lips, stuff like that)
    Thanks for your time
    – someone with a good friend who is ftm.

  11. Where do we find this guide?

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