Subliminal Message Power

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Subliminal Messages for ManifestingWhat are subliminal messages?

Subliminal messages are an environmental stimulus that does not register in our conscious mind. This stimulus can be anything from billboards, pictures, movies, and even the music you listen to on a daily basis. I went into detail about brain filters in the Manifesting Results guide and they play a vital role in subliminal messages. While subliminal messages are below the sensory threshold for your conscious mind, your subconscious mind is high tuned enough to notice this subtle sensory information. Let us look at the how a subliminal message works.

Do subliminal messages work?

According to some research, they do indeed work. I am not a big fan of traditional research though as it introduces variables by simple measuring the output of techniques such as subliminal messages. Science is a great tool that has lifted humanity from using archaic tools to super computers. Science has its limits though and one of those limits is the measurement of paranormal and miraculous events. Some studies have shown that while listening to subliminal recordings, brainwave activity has been altered. This is more than likely due to the subconscious mind perceiving and acting upon the information it is receiving. Other studies have pointed to the fact subliminal messages only work if the subject has already planned to make a change such as tobacco cessation or are aware of the subliminal recording. According to these results, a subject must be primed towards topic before the subliminal message will be beneficial. These two studies conflict but they both support the theory that subliminal messages are indeed captured by the brain.

How can I use them to benefit my life?

By recording positive affirmations or desired lifestyle changes, you can prime your subconscious mind to create those changes. Since your subconscious mind is the powerhouse of your reality experience, you can push thoughts past your filters and ego directly to the subconscious mind. If you follow the echelons of mind from my guide, you recall that the subconscious mind creates your reality through the collective and universal consciousness.

By simply adding directed subliminal messages to your music, you can feed your subconscious mind while enjoying your favorite band or music artist. Another great technique is to create a soft relaxing sleep track that is laced with positive affirmations. This will allow you to build up your subconscious mind with six to eight hours of subconscious strength to pave a new way into the collective and universal consciousness. You can also add subliminal messages to your isochronic tones or guided meditations.

Visual subliminal messages can also be used to hasten your new reality. You can easily edit your favorite background on your computer with text that is close to the same color as the image. While your conscious mind will not notice this, as you recall from the study, your subconscious mind does.

The video below will show you how to create a subliminal recording over your favorite song. By using the free audio software, Audacity, you can create a music file that can be listened to anywhere. You can now enjoy your songs for more than just there catchy beat or lyrics.  The audacity program also allows you to produce many special effects with the audio but for the purpose of this post; we will stick to the basics for now. If I get enough requests, I can create videos showing some of the other powerful uses for audacity when manifesting your reality.

Subliminal Message Tutorial Video


*If the video does not play, you will need to update your browser or change your browser to a more compatible one such as Firefox.  Subliminal MP3 leads the way with their innovative recordings and large selection. Highly recommend. Click here to test them with 3 free MP3s.

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